Calaide Seal

- Calaide Seal is a two-piece padlock seal specially designed for use in airlines (catering and drink trolleys), water meters, electricity and gas meters and beverage canisters. Calaide Seal is ideal for small holes or narrow apertures. It can be heat stamped with company name/log and/or consecutive serial numbering. Laser bar code engraving is also available.

- We are currently delivering this seal for use in ambulances, hospitals and airlines.

Description: Small practical seal that is easily applied and removed with one hand. Serial number: standard
Size (L x W): 34 x 44,5 mm
Tensile strength: Approx. 3,5kg
Min. sealing hole: 2,7 mm (diameter)
Material - seal: Polypropylene (PP)
Logo: Yes
Text: Yes
Barcode : Yes
Color - seal : Red, yellow, green, light blue, white, orange
Standard packing: 1000 pcs. / box