NEPTUNESEAL  is a bolt seal, compliant with high security international standard ISO 17712:2013 and specifically with the requirement of having the internal metal part exceeding 18 mm. Two metal tabs are attached to the bolt, which securely slot into the locking channel, thus preventing any breaching by high speed spinning. Any tampering attempt will give evidence of irreparable damage onto the bolt lock seal.

Description High security bolt seal. Recommended for high value- and international shipments
Pull strength               >1.000 kg
 Material - Barrel  Polystyrene
 Material - Bolt  Carbonitrided steel
 Logo Yes
Text Yes
Barcode Yes
 Color See illustration
 Application  Shipping containers and cargo containers


  Neptune Drawing

bolt seal for containers neptuneseal 07 1

Marking Options

  • Laser etching
  • Sequential numbering up to 15 digits
  • Barcode
  • Data Matrix
  • RFID option
  • Customized printing up to 20 alphanumeric characters on one single line
  • Client logo printing or embossing on request

 neptune datamatrix porta e1426149267641


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